Venire facias

Lit. 'may you cause to come'. A writ issued to a *sheriff instructing him to summon a jury; writs issued to summon knights and burgesses to *parliament in 1275 were venire facias.

Dictionary of Medieval Terms and Phrases. .

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  • venire facias — venire fa·ci·as / fā shē əs/ n [Medieval Latin venire facias ( juratores or juratam ) may you cause (the jurors or the jury) to come (words used in the writ)]: a writ ordering a sheriff to summon a jury Merriam Webster’s Dictionary of Law.… …   Law dictionary

  • Venire facias — Ve*ni re fa ci*as [L., make, or cause, to come.] (Law) (a) A judicial writ or precept directed to the sheriff, requiring him to cause a certain number of qualified persons to appear in court at a specified time, to serve as jurors in said court.… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • venire facias — [fā′shē as΄] n. [ME < ML, cause to come < L venire,COME + 2d pers. sing., pres. subj., of facere, to make, DO1] Law a writ issued by a judge ordering that persons be summoned to serve as jurors …   English World dictionary

  • venire facias — /veuh nuy ree fay shee as , near ee/, Law. 1. a writ directing the appropriate official to summon a jury. 2. the entire jury panel from which a trial jury is selected. [1400 50; late ME < L venire facias lit., make come] * * * …   Universalium

  • venire facias — noun Etymology: Middle English, from Medieval Latin, you should cause to come Date: 15th century a judicial writ directing the sheriff to summon a specified number of qualified persons to serve as jurors …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • venire facias — /vanayriy feysh(iy)as/ A judicial writ, directed to the sheriff of the county in which a cause is to be tried, commanding him that he cause to come before the court, on a certain day therein mentioned, twelve good and lawful men of the body of… …   Black's law dictionary

  • venire facias — A writ for summoning jurors. A writ summoning a person to service as a grand juror. Powers v United States, 223 US 303, 56 L Ed 448, 32 S Ct 281 …   Ballentine's law dictionary

  • venire facias — noun a judicial writ ordering a sheriff to summon people for jury duty • Topics: ↑law, ↑jurisprudence • Hypernyms: ↑writ, ↑judicial writ …   Useful english dictionary

  • Venire facias de novo — Latin literally (you)cause to come anew . Venire facias (literally (you) cause to come )is a writ issued by an official of the court summoning prospective jurors. Venire facias de novo is a legal term which the court uses when there has been some …   Wikipedia

  • venire facias de novo — /vanayriy feysh(iy)as diy nowvow/ A fresh or new venire, which the court grants when there has been some impropriety or irregularity in returning the jury, or where the verdict is so imperfect or ambiguous that no judgment can be given upon it,… …   Black's law dictionary

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